A Broken Heart (For Cynthia)

Original photo courtesy Jean Catharell

With the continuing pandemic restrictions Barry and Ronnie have been unable to rehearse and record together, but Barry has produced a further solo EP, called A Broken Heart (For Cynthia). Review Four solo acoustic songs with a theme of ghosts. Tracks are A Broken Heart (For Cynthia), Lost Resort (featured below), Nancy, and The Woolton Fox. For advance copies contact Barry through the site contact page. x

Siobhan Mulrooney has a podcast called Formby Podcast which remarkably enough, is a podcast which operates in Formby. (who knew!) After a chance serendipitous meeting in the week, she has added The Willows Suite in full to an episode, which you can listen to at your leisure. Comprising readings from The Wind In The Willows by Kenneth Grahame, followed by original songs written by Barry and featuring, Barry, Ronnie and Geoff Hall, the original short-lived Southbound Attic Band lineup. We’re very grateful to Siobhan for this and hope you get a chance to listen to it and some of the other content. x