Acoustic Dustbowl

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2013 saw the creation of a monthly musical event in Liverpool. Acoustic Dustbowl is a venture for Americana UK Promotions. Borne out of the Liverpool-based, internationally viewed and respected website magazine which was created by Mark Whitfield in 2001, Americana UK Promotions is a collaboration between Mark and Barry Jones of Liverpool based duo, The Southbound Attic Band, and former Deputy Editor of the website. Together they have promoted a number of events in Liverpool for over ten years, the largest to date was 2011’s Americana 10, at the, now sadly defunct, Contemporary Urban Centre, which featured acts from the USA, Richmond Fontaine, Mark Eitzel from American Music Club and Richard Buckner, as well as a host of talented UK acts including Danny and The Champions of the World, Jason McNiff and The Toy Hearts. Together with Chris Stevens, Liverpool musician and former promoter of Hell’s Ditch events in the city, Mark and Barry created the Acoustic Dustbowl events initially to showcase National, International and local Liverpool talent, all in the general field of acoustic Americana, Folk, Singer-Songwriter, Alt Country and anything else which they feel will appeal to their audience.

From January 2016 Acoustic Dustbowl was occasionally held at the View  Two Gallery in Mathew Street, Liverpool until the final closure of the gallery in June 2017. Artists featured have included Otis Gibbs, The Lost Brothers, Eric Brace and Peter Cooper, Dave Harding, Christa Couture,  Dennis Ellsworth, Stephen Simmonds, Drew Holcomb, Chuck Melchin, John Butler, The Good Intentions, The Mudcat Brothers, Stan Ambrose, Bobhowla, Elijah James Woodruff, Katreena Erin, Stuart Todd, Matt McGurty, The Big I Am,  Swallow and The Wolf, Mark Wilson, Hannah Rose Platt, Me and Deboe, the Goat Roper Rodeo Band, Eef Barzelay, Chris Otepka, Matt Hill, Katy McGrath, George Frakes, Johnny Sands, Tom Shed, Iain Till & Stephanie Kearley, Roxanne De Bastion, The Burning Hell, Stephen Gerrard, Thom Morecroft & Adam Danger Lewis, Rick Shea, Bob Collum & Marianne Hyatt, Chris Elliott, Mark Byrne, Jack Grelle, Joe Topping, Joan Shelley, Rae Clark, Molly Jewell, Liz Owen, Charlie McKeon, Alan O’Hare, Simon Herron and Ags Connolly.

November 2018 saw the return of Acoustic Dustbowl with a sold out event at 81 Renshaw Street, Liverpool with The Burning Hell, back from Canada for a return visit, supported by Southbound Attic Band. And in very exciting news we’ve negotiated another visit for the wonderful Burning Hell  back at 81 Renshaw Street on Saturday 25 April 2020. Unfortunately this gig has been cancelled because of Coronavirus!

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