Bay TV

Southbound Attic Band by Lis Garretphoto by Lis Garrett It’s great to welcome a new TV channel for Liverpool, Bay TV, and even better that, thanks to our good friend Jodie Schofield, aka SheBeat, we were invited to go in and play some songs for their new Acoustic music programme. Well looked after by Neil Duffin and his colleagues we had a very happy hour recording four songs for transmission 1 January 2015. My Irish Home, Silver Thread and The Ballad Of George and Maude from new CD Our Day In The Sun and old favourite Last Man Standing from No More Tears CD. If you can find the channel on your freeview, please check it out. Some nice little appearances scheduled for the run up to Christmas please have a look at the gigs page, it would be great to see some of you at the shows. If not please accept our best wishes for a Happy and Peaceful Christmas and a prosperous and healthy New Year. Barry & Ronnie (SAB) And here it is on Youtube first half Me and Deboe and second half Southbound Attic Band

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